Thursday, November 30, 2006

Victory in Dallas/Fever in Pittsburgh

I had a great time at the game as the Cowboys massacred the Bucs 38-10. After the game, I decided to hang out at the corral, and who should show up but Jerry Jones himself. I had seen Jerry from a distance before, and I even got to walk around his personal airplane a few years back while he was at his mother-in-law's funeral, but I never got to meet him. Since he was standing right there, I figured "What the hell", so I approached him and had him sign my Cowboys jacket. It was a pretty cool way to end the evening.

The next morning, I missed my flight to Pittsburgh and had to get on stand by for the next flight. Luckily, there were enough seats; although, someone weighing in excess of 300 lbs. was next to me. Shamu inspired me to write another blog which you can read at within a day or so.

When I arrived in Pittsburgh, I was elated to see my daughter and her mother, but I could tell that bad things were about to happen. I ended up bed ridden from the time I arrived Friday until Sunday night with a sore throat and high fever. When I get a fever, my body quits functioning. It basically messed up the whole trip; however, I was happy to see my daughter, and she didn't seem to mind hanging around the hotel room watching the Cartoon Network or swimming in the hotel's indoor pool. Monday, I felt much better, and we were able to have lunch in Pittsburgh, ride up the Duquesne incline, walk around Mt. Washington and even have a little ice cream, so the entire trip was not a loss. Overall, I give the trip a C-.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

My Thanksgiving Celebration

I'm heading out tomorrow morning to see the Tampa Bay Buccaneers take on my beloved Dallas Cowboys at Texas Stadium. This is my third game at Texas Stadium, and the Cowboys are 1-1 in games that I have attended. The first was in 1998 when Emmitt Smith broke the all-time record for rushing TD's in a career against the Washington Redskins, and I was also at the Thanksgiving game last year when Dallas lost to Denver in OT.

Then, I'm off to see my five year old daughter in PA. Her mother and I are going to take her to a Japanese restaurant for the first time. Looking forward to the three of us getting to spend some time together.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

OT: Andre Waters Dead at 44

Andre Waters was found dead in his Tampa Bay, Fl. home on Monday morning. Waters spent most of his 12 NFL seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles under Buddy Ryan's dirty defense. Many people called Andre "Dirty Waters", because he became known as a cheap shot artist, using unnecessary violence or taking late hits on opponents.

Once before a game against the Cowboys, Waters publicly threatened that he was going to break Emmitt Smith's leg in the game. Emmitt's response was, "We'll see." Emmitt hit Waters so low and hard in the game that all Andre could do was lay in the fetal position. The Eagles doctors couldn't even get Waters on a stretcher, and he had to be carried off the field spread-eagle by a couple of teammates.

He also attacked a Saints player after a game. I don't remember the particular player, but the guy from the Saints approached Waters for an after-game handshake, and Waters slugged him in the mouth. Waters then sprinted into the locker room like a coward.

Well, it appears "Dirty Waters" final cheap shot was with a gun to his own head. Suicide: Another cowardly move, and most appropriate for Mr. Andre Waters who left life the way he lived it: Like a pussy.

Rest in Hell.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Post Game Thoughts

The Cowboys seem to finally be turning the corner. Dallas took down the previously undefeated Indianapolis Colts last night with the final score 21-14.

Tony Romo had another solid performance in his first start at Texas Stadium. Romo is now 3-1 as the Cowboys' starting QB, and could very well have been 4-0 if not for the fluke against the Redskins. Romo is also currently the 2nd ranked QB in the NFL behind Colt's QB, Peyton Manning. Manning has a 100.5 rating, and Romo has a 100.0 rating. There are also rumors that Romo may be dating Jessica Simpson, so it seems that things are going pretty well for him.

Things for Drew Bledsoe aren't so great. Bledsoe is a real class act, and I hate to see his career end like it is. I was browsing the Dallas Cowboys online store, and in the jersey section, there were all of Bledsoe's jersies in the middle of the pack. The sad part was that Bledsoe's jersies, and his alone, were on sale for nearly 50% off. I don't know that Drew would ever look at the Cowboys online store, but it would seem humiliating if he did. Bledsoe is still on the team afterall, and would be the #1 guy again if anything happens to Romo. Bledsoe will likely be in the HOF in a few years, but it's sad that he never quite got over the hump and won a Super Bowl (although he has a ring).

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Emmitt Smith Crowned as Dancing King


Erin Arnold - Email Staff
November 15, 2006 10:09 PM

Wednesday night's Dancing with the Stars results show would answer the question of what type of dancing America prefers, the technical precision offered by Mario Lopez or Emmitt Smith's entertainment, charm and style.

And for the voters of America, it came down to . . . .

Emmitt's entertainment, style and charm, as the former Dallas Cowboys running back and partner Cheryl Burke were crowned Dancing With The Stars champions in the third season of the ABC hit show.

"It is awesome," Smith said after being named the show's winner, capping off 16 weeks of extensive training and thousands of miles traveled between Dallas and LA.

For Smith's partner, Burke, it was the second year in a row she has claimed the DWTS mirror ball trophy. As judge Len Goodman proclaimed of Burke, "This girl should be an MVP; Most Valued Partner," for her ability to choreograph dances highlighting Smith's natural talent and charm, while bringing out his secret weapon, that irresistible smile.

No matter this competition had nothing to do with football, Smith's championship in a different arena certainly must have caused shirt buttons of many a Cowboys fans to start bursting. And no one might have been prouder of Emmitt's accomplishment than Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who quietly had been tracking his former running back's progress throughout the competition.

"I think I share the sentiments of Cowboys fans all over the country when I say how proud I am for Emmitt and his family on this outstanding accomplishment," Jones said in a statement, taking a break from his concentration on Sunday's game against the undefeated Indianapolis Colts (9-0) at Texas Stadium. "I'd also add that, although we are all thrilled, we should not be surprised. Emmitt Smith is one of the great competitors that I have ever been around. Regardless of the competition, and regardless of the stakes, he always plays to win.

"This victory is just another testament to his desire to be the best, his character, his charisma and the great depth of talent and determination that he brings to a challenge. This is another championship for a true Dallas Cowboys champion."

Smith was able to accomplish what former San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Jerry Rice couldn't quite last year, winning this competition that matched a celebrity amateur dancer with a professional partner responsible for choreographing and teaching the dance each week to their apprentice dancers.

This is quite an accomplishment for this football player, who admitted halfway through the competition he'd never had a formal dance training, and that the only dancing he had ever done was confined to the clubs. Emmitt came a long way.

"Emmitt is fiercely competitive and I really believe he wouldn't have gone on the show unless he felt he could have a chance of winning," said former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Roger Staubach on the result show of Smith's decision to enter the contest.

Smith's commitment to training, improvement week-to-week and that ever-present smile showed he definitely thought he had what it takes to win this contest. In fact, finishing with the lowest judges' score one week early in the contest seemed to motivate Smith to work harder and make sure never happened again.

Throughout the training process Smith and Burke developed a close relationship, becoming almost like brother and sister. Burke admitted that when she was initially paired with this year's partner she had to Google the name Emmitt Smith to find out who the heck this former Cowboy actually was.

"My first impression of Emmitt was that he's a big guy, and how am I going to get this guy to ballroom dance?" Burke said of her initial meeting with Smith. "I would have never thought that Emmitt would be able to dance the way that he can dance now. From the beginning, he just wanted to be the best possible dancer he can be."

The two Tauruses, whose birthdays are just a few days (and 15 years) apart, were both bullish in their preparation for each performance, working hard to perfect their dances, while still looking calm, cool and collected.

"I thank you for pushing me even when I did not what to be pushed," Smith said to Burke of her coaching style - a style Smith certainly wasn't used to throughout his football career. "I thank you for being patient even when I was stubborn and I thank you for being you because you being yourself allowed me to be me."

And being himself while letting his personality come through in every dance is truly what separated Smith from the rest of the competition; especially from the runner-up Mario, who, while technically accurate and regularly offering more complex routines, never displayed the charm and grace that endeared Smith to millions of fans around the country.

"He really surprised a lot of people," said Smith's former Cowboys teammate and quarterback Troy Aikman of his dancing skills. "I mean he may win this thing, and if that happens I don't think any of us are going to give him a hard time about it."

Nor should any of Smith's manly football colleagues give him a hard time for dancing his way into another championship because Smith proved that real men can dance, and they can dance well!

And while being named DWTS champion may not rank as highly as winning three Super Bowls, earning a variety of MVP awards, becoming the NFL's all-time rushing leader or eventually landing in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, it's yet another unique success for Emmitt Smith.

Not bad for a kid from Pensacola, Fla., who first showed up in Dallas wearing that polka dot shorts suit.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

$5000 for a Nap

Terrell Owens was fined $5000 by the NFL for "napping" in the end zone. The new rule states that the ball cannot be used as a prop for celebration after a touchdown. I don't remember the exact Giants player that did this tonight, but a guy put the ball under his jersey next to his stomach after scoring a TD and rubbed the ball as it laid on his belly under the jersey. It was an homage to his wife that he had just recently found out is pregnant. Is he going to be fined $5000 also? I hope not. I like football because it is entertaining, not because some assholes define what is acceptable celebration behavior after a TD.

Cowboys win 27-10

Rob Phillips Staff Writer
November 12, 2006 6:19 PM

GLENDALE, Ariz. - Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo didn't have Terry Glenn as a target this Sunday, but he got plenty of help from the rest of his receivers.

Romo completed passes to five different receivers, including a pair of deep touchdowns to Terrell Owens and Patrick Crayton, and the Cowboys (5-4) cruised to a 27-10 victory over the Arizona Cardinals (1-8) here at University of Phoenix Stadium.

The Cowboys' 10-point halftime lead ballooned to 24 in the second half following Akin Ayodele's interception of Cardinals rookie quarterback Matt Leinart. One play later, Romo found Owens streaking down the left sideline for a 51-yard touchdown.

Leinart was picked off by rookie safety Pat Watkins on Arizona's next drive, and Marion Barber scored on a 5-yard run six plays later. Watkins was active for the first time in two games in place of Marcus Coleman, who was released by the team on Saturday.

But the Cowboys' victory was tempered by a left Achilles' injury to Greg Ellis, who left the game in the second half. Rookie Bobby Carpenter and Al Singleton replaced him in the lineup. Wearing crutches, Ellis said after the game that his Achilles' was torn.

Romo completed a 30-yard touchdown pass to Crayton in the second quarter, and he also fired a touchdown pass to rookie Sam Hurd with three seconds left in the first half, but an offensive pass interference call on Crayton wiped out the play. The Cowboys settled for a 38-yard field goal by Mike Vanderjagt as time expired.

Glenn was inactive after missing most of practice all week with irritation under his kneecap, where the quadriceps muscle attaches. Hurd started in his place and made a nice 16-yard sliding catch leading up to Crayton's touchdown.

Julius Jones and Barber combined for 110 rushing yards on 29 carries.

Rookie receiver Miles Austin returned kickoffs in place of Skyler Green, who was inactive.

Saturday, November 04, 2006


Due to a severe illness, I didn't make any predictions for last weeks games. Probably a good thing, because some crazy stuff happened. Here are my predictions for this week. As always, the team in BOLD is the predictd winner. I'm even picking Pittsburgh to win this week. I think they are going to pull one out.