Tuesday, November 21, 2006

OT: Andre Waters Dead at 44

Andre Waters was found dead in his Tampa Bay, Fl. home on Monday morning. Waters spent most of his 12 NFL seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles under Buddy Ryan's dirty defense. Many people called Andre "Dirty Waters", because he became known as a cheap shot artist, using unnecessary violence or taking late hits on opponents.

Once before a game against the Cowboys, Waters publicly threatened that he was going to break Emmitt Smith's leg in the game. Emmitt's response was, "We'll see." Emmitt hit Waters so low and hard in the game that all Andre could do was lay in the fetal position. The Eagles doctors couldn't even get Waters on a stretcher, and he had to be carried off the field spread-eagle by a couple of teammates.

He also attacked a Saints player after a game. I don't remember the particular player, but the guy from the Saints approached Waters for an after-game handshake, and Waters slugged him in the mouth. Waters then sprinted into the locker room like a coward.

Well, it appears "Dirty Waters" final cheap shot was with a gun to his own head. Suicide: Another cowardly move, and most appropriate for Mr. Andre Waters who left life the way he lived it: Like a pussy.

Rest in Hell.

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