Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Matt McBriar Currently Best Punter in NFL

Saying you have the best punter in the NFL is sort of like saying you own the nicest trailer in the park. It's not something to brag about in most cases. When a punter gets a lot of playing time and racks up a lot of stats, it typically means the team's offense is sputtering. That's partially true of Mat McBriar and the Cowboys but not completely.

McBriar has twelve punts in two games for an average of 50.8 yards per kick and a long kick of 62 yards. McBriar's average is a full two yards more than the next closest punter and a full eight yards above his averages for the 2004 and 2005 seasons. That's a good thing, because he is currently on pace to punt 96 times before the season is over. If a team has to punt that many times, then the punter had better be able to boom it deep.

The Cowboys offense has shown flashes of greatness this season, but it has also sputtered at times which is why McBriar's kicking stats are through the roof. Hopefully, the team can get some of the glitches worked out during this upcoming bye week, because there are two road games in the following weeks against the Tennessee Titans and the hated Philthadelphia Iggles. The time off will also hopefully give TO enough time to heal from the broken bone in his hand.

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