Friday, September 15, 2006

NFL Week 2 Predictions

So, things didn't exactly go my way during the first week of the NFL season. The Cowboys lost a tough game to Jacksonville, my fantasy football team lost by one point even though I scored the second highest number of points in the league, and I went 7 for 9 in my game predictions. That is all going to change this week.

I have made some roster moves on my fantasy team, and I look to be 1-1 after this week. With players like Ladainian Tomlinson and Donte Stallworth, I should be in good shape. I expect to score 80 fantasy points.

The Cowboys are playing the hated rival Redskins on Sunday night. Neither team looked particularly good in week 1, but the Cowboys showed flashes of possible greateness. I'm looking for the team to gel this weekend and take a close game from the Skins at Texas Stadium.

Now, here are my picks for the week. I hope to go 12-4 or better. As usual, the team in BOLD font is the predicted winner.

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