Wednesday, September 20, 2006

OT: Chad Johnson Got "Jacked Up!"

Flamboyant Cincinnati Bengals' wide reciever, Chad Johnson, took a massive hit from Brian Russell of the Cleveland Browns on Sunday. Johnson had his helmet knocked off and had to have twelve stitches under his chin.

I didn't see the game, and I don't have video of the hit, but I do have a clip of the post-game interview. You know Chad is seeing stars when he doesn't have the gold grill in for the cameras. The full story from is below the video.

You will probably have to turn the volume up on the player to hear the video.

Cincy's Johnson: Browns were out to get me. wire reports

CINCINNATI (Sept. 20, 2006) -- Chad Johnson says the Cleveland Browns were out to get him from the very first snap.

The Pro Bowl receiver had his helmet knocked off by Brian Russell on the Cincinnati Bengals' last pass play during their 34-17 victory Sept. 17 at Paul Brown Stadium. Johnson was groggy and needed about a half-dozen stitches to close a gash in his chin after the hit.

The chatty receiver said Russell had warned him that the Browns were out to get him.

"He told me last year, and he told me before the game (Sunday) that him and Andra Davis, they had one job to do," Johnson said. "It wasn't about trying to stop me, but they had to hit me. At every TV timeout, I would be in their huddle talking trash: 'Nobody's hit me yet, what's going on?'

"Finally, I think, in the last three minutes he finally got that hit. He let me know ahead of time."

Johnson said he has no hard feelings over the hit, which he described as a clean shot.

"I mean, it's the first time I've been hit in six years of playing the game," Johnson said. "It's about time someone's gotten a lick."

Johnson has aggravated opponents over the years by guaranteeing wins, wearing a Terrible Towel as a bib, sending Pepto-Bismol to Browns defensive backs and denigrating cornerbacks with his who-covered-me list. He said he's not surprised someone went after him.

"I've always been a target because of what I'm doing right now, talking trash," he said. "The hard part is trying to hit the target. I've always been able to avoid everything coming my way. I left myself vulnerable by jumping in the air at that present time, which is the only reason he was able to get that clean shot."

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