Thursday, September 14, 2006

OT: Favre is Going for the Record

In a career that spanned some 27 years in the NFL, George Blanda threw an all-time record 277 interceptions. It was a record that many thought to be unbreakable like Roger Maris' 61 home runs in a season, but records were made to be broken. Maris' record was shattered by Mark McGuire during the 1998 baseball season, and now Brett Favre is on a quest to break Blanda's record for all-time number of interceptions thrown in a career.

Brett Favre's football career hasn't lasted anywhere near the 27 seasons that Blanda played. The 2006 season is Favre's 16th and final year in the NFL, yet he managed to throw 255 interceptions in just fifteen seasons. Brett is statistically No. 2 all-time in almost every passing category in the NFL behind Dan Marino. Brett could play another 5 or 6 years and probably never reach Marino's records. However, the one lifetime record that will be attainable for Favre is the record for all-time interceptions thrown, and he is on pace to break it in his final season.

Many fans suspected that Favre would retire after last season when the Green Bay Packers had a 4-12 record, and Brett threw a league high 29 picks. However, after a lot of thought, Brett decided he wanted to come back for another season. Why? Did he think the Pack had a chance at Super Bowl glory or even a playoff appearance? The answer is no. He wants to attain the one all-time NFL record that Marino doesn't have.

In week one this season, Favre threw two interceptions. That leaves him with a total of 257 and needing 20 to tie Blanda and 21 to break the record outright. That's a lot of interceptions to have to throw in one season, but after throwing 29 last season I believe he can do it.

Whatever it takes, I want to say that I am rooting for you Brett. I hope you shatter Blanda's record like McGuire shattered really Maris'. I'll be keeping a counter on the sidebar that will be updated each week. There will be the pic of Brett holding a card with the number of interceptions he still needs to break Blanda's record outright and be the #1 interception throwing quarterback of all time.

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