Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Terrell Owens' Greatest Moment

In and NFC playoff game in 1998, Terrell Owens caught one of the most spectacular catches to ever win a football game. The 49ers were playing the Packers, and Owens had been dropping passes and fumbling the entire game. With 8 seconds left in the game, the 49ers had one last shot at the end-zone to win the game. Quarterback Steve Young hit Owens at the goal line, and Owens was violently sandwiched by two Packer defenders. Owens held on to the pass, the 49ers won the game, and Terrell Owens became TO.

The play was later called "The Catch 2" in reference to the TD pass caught by Dwight Clark in the 1982 NFC Championship game in which the 49ers beat Dallas to make it to the Super Bowl. The Catch 2 is actually more spectacular in my opinion for reasons I won't get into now.

It's a good one. As TO would say, "Get your popcorn ready."

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