Monday, October 30, 2006

Beginning of the Romo Era

It appears that the Tony Romo era has officially started in Dallas. Romo replaced quarterback Drew Bledsoe after half time during the thrashing by the New York Giants. Romo's performance during that game was less than stellar, but it was obvious that this kid has something.

In his official debut against the Carolina Panthers last night, Romo lead the Cowboys to a 35-14 victory after initially falling behind 0-14 in the first quarter. The kid is a real leader, and it showed across the board. The team seemed feed off of Tony's confidence and played like a team headed into the playoffs.

Romo's numbers weren't earth shaking. He went 24-36 for 270 yards, 1 TD, 1 2-point conversion, and 1 INT. The most important thing is that he seemed to make some really good decisions. Maybe that was by design, but he also got himself out of some bad situations that Bledsoe would have not been able to avoid.

Speaking of Bledsoe, I feel really badly for him. He came to Dallas with hopes of winning a championship and showing everyone that he is still a leader. Barring a serious injury to Romo, it looks like Drew will end his career sitting on the bench. Not the way you want to see a future hall of fame quarterback leave the game.

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