Sunday, October 08, 2006

That Hurt

I was not one of the guys that wanted Hogeboom to replace Danny White, and I did not boo Aikman at the end of his career, but I have seen enough. Bledsoe has some great stats in his career, but I am starting to understand why New England and Buffalo were so happy to rid themselves of him. For a split second, I thought that was Testaverde out there.

On top of the Cowboy loss, Favre managed to blow the Packer game without throwing an interception. He decided to fumble at the last minute instead. Why couldn't it have been a interception? It is the first time the Packers have ever lost at home with Favre at QB when he did not throw an interception. They were 41-0 in that regard before today.

I am kicking major ass on fantasy football for the first time since I started playing four years ago, but I'd give it all up for the Cowboys to do well. They didn't play a bad game overall, but Drew blew the game like he did against Seattle last year. I was worried that Vanderjagt was going to mess up, but he nailed his one and only kick from 39 yards.

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