Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Fired up for the Eagles

Okay, I have put the events of the past week behind me, and I'm ready for the game in Philly. McNabb is having a stellar season, but the Iggles haven't faced a defense ranked higher than 24th in the league this season. The Iggles own defense is ranked 21st, and the Cowboys have the 5th best offense in the league. It looks to be a tough match-up.

Here is a play from MNF last season when the Cowboys and Iggles played in Philly. This game was all but over until Roy Williams intercepted a pass from McNabb and ran it in for the game winning touchdown. The Cowboys Bradie James knocked the crap out of McNabb blocking for Roy on the interception return. McNabb was playing with a hernia, and Bradie James just finished it off for him. McNabb is walking a little funny after the play.

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