Saturday, October 07, 2006

NFL Week 5 Predictions

The team in BOLD font is the predicted winner.

I'm still hanging with the best of ESPN "experts" with a 39-21 record for predictions this season. Due to moving this weekend, I am only posting game predictions without scores. I will still find time to update the Favre Interception Countdown, but it may not be until Monday night. I think Brett is good for two more this weekend.

Yes, I'm going with my Cowboys again, but I honestly believe that they are better than the Eagles. The Eagles have not faced a defense ranked higher than 24th in the league all season, and the Cowboys are currently 5th.

What is TO going to do if he scores a TD? My prediction is that he will imitate Donovan McNabb's goofy ass moonwalk from last season. TO has showed a knack for being able to imitate others when he recreated the Baltimore Raven's Ray Lewis' dance, so I believe TO's moonlwalk will be every bit as crappy as Donovan's was with the hernia last season. Cowboys by 4.

I'm sorry to my Steeler fan friends that read my blog (all three of you), but I'm seeing the Gold (which is actually yellow, San Francisco wears gold) and Black being 1-3 after Ladainian Tomlinson puts up 150 yards and 2 TD's tomorrow night. The Charger's defense is too solid.

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