Sunday, October 01, 2006

Terrell Owens Offensive Player of the Week

I would like to nominate Terrell Owens for offensive player of the week for being the first person to ever attempt suicide on a Tuesday night and catch five passes for 88 yards, including a nice 46 yard reception, the following Sunday and ranking tenth in the NFL in receiving yardage. That means there are 160+ other receivers that did not attempt suicide that have played this week and have fewer yards that TO. Even Terry Glenn who caught two touchdowns for the Cowboys this afternoon had several yards less than Owens.

For all of the Terrell Owens haters out there, please check your head and take a deep look into what the Titans' Alberta Haynesworth did this afternoon. If you consider anything TO has done to be as deplorable as Alberta's, then you are a disfunctional human being that should be locked in the psyche ward of your local hospital. TO is controversial, but nothing he has ever done seems to be as crazy as Hayensworthless putting his cleats in Gurode's face after Gurode, just because Gurode blew Hayensworthless off of the line. To my best recollection, TO never did anything that required an opponent to have 30 stitches to the face.

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