Sunday, October 01, 2006

Piece of $#!%

Appendage: Yes, I know that the prick now wears #92. Please forgive me for using a picture from his rookie year.

During the game between Dallas and Tennessee this afternoon, Tennessee's Albert Haynesworth got blown off of the line and gave up a TD to Dallas running back Julius Jones. Did Albert suck it up like a man and use his frustration to get a sack on Dallas quarterback Drew Bledsoe on the next series? No. Albert decides to kick Dallas' center's, Andre Gurode, helmet off of his head while Gurode was lying flat on the turf. Once the helmet was dislodged, Albert decided to stomp on Gurode's bare face with his steel cleats. What a complete loser. He cost his own team 30 yards in penalties in one play, got ejected, and inspired the Cowboys to shove it down Tennessee's throat to the tune of a 45-14 ass kicking.

I have confidence that the league will fine Alberta, but I believe the Tennessee Titans should impose their own fines and suspensions on top of what the NFL does. I know that Tennessee is on a billion game losing streak, but the team needs to do the right thing.

Alberta, you get the Biggest Shithead Award for the 2006 NFL Season. Yes, there are many games left to play, but I am certain that no other player is as stupid as you ,Alberta, or that any player will do anything dumb enough to deserve the award more than you. Congratulations! Put on your best dress and step up to accept your award. I hope you have NFL Sunday ticket, so you can watch the Titans on your big screen TV at home while you are suspended.

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