Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Week 6 Prediction and Fantasy Football Results

I took a beating in my predictions this week, but I'm not the only one. Mr. Schlereth over at ESPN.com, whom had picked the most wins this season until now, had an equally dismal week. Coincidentally, Mark and I picked every game exactly the same.

There were a few crazy games in week 6. Tampa Bay beat Cincinnati, the Saints beat the Eagles, Seattle barely beat the Rams, and Tennessee up ended the Redskins at FedEx.

I went 6-7 for the week, which brings my season total to 58-30. That is still better than three of the eight guys at ESPN.com.

In my Yahoo Fantasy Football league, I am currently riding a five game winning streak which extended my record to 5-1 for the season. I am currently still in first place; however, a couple of guys scored some huge points, so my point lead has dropped from 98 to 66.

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