Monday, October 16, 2006

OT: The Arizona Cardinals Ultimate Choke

The Cardinals owned a 20-0 lead and managed to lose to the Bears 24-23 live on Monday Night Football. Are you kidding me? The Cardinals had the chance to win in the final minute but missed a "gimme" field goal. This could have been the upset of the season.

Matt Leinart played as great of a game as could be expected from a guy in his second NFL start. Leinart was 24-42, 232 yards, and 2 TD's, but it just wasn't enough. I can't believe I stayed up to see the Cards lose as I thought they would, but I continued to hold hope that they would pull this one out only to be let down in the final seconds. This was the game of the year so far.

The Bears scored zero points on offense, other than a FG from a turnover. Unreal.

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